Credit where credit is due

FAR too often in today’s society we find ourselves quick to complain but forget to say thank you when things go right.

Last year, we found ourselves in a ‘battle’ with Northumberland County Council to get the grass cut on Millfield in Seaton Sluice.

As lead petitioner (instigated by my children who were featured in a video on the News Post Leader website at the time) I would, on behalf of the residents and users of Millfield, like to say a massive thank you to the local authority for finally seeing sense and cutting the whole of the always cut-grassed area.

The grassed area was cut last week and amazingly the sunshine also appeared at the weekend.

Children played in safety, even the dog owners were pleased that they were able to clear up their dogs’ mess – they could find it.

Once again Millfield looks fantastic and if anyone wants long grass, wildlife, bees and trees then they can step on to the path into Holywell Dene and experience that too.

Thank you so much Northumberland County Council – sense has been seen when sense was needed.

The residents of Millfield, in particular, but all of the users of the area are very grateful that you have taken all of our views into account – you have listened and acted rightly.

Elaine Erksine

Seaton Sluice