Concern over bikers using welfare land

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SELFISH motorcyclists roaring up and down a recreation ground are a hazard to youngsters, police have been told.

Parent Lynn Burn told Neighbourhood Beat Manager Pc Nathan Brown at Newbiggin Town Council she often saw bikers on welfare land and at Spital.

“They are riding up and down there while the children are playing football,” she said.

“You get sick of ringing the police two or three times a week and nobody comes.”

Pc Brown said: “I would still encourage you to ring – even if nobody comes, we want to know about it.

“You might not get a response immediately, but if there’s a massive problem with motorbikes and it’s identified, then it might get resources devoted to it.”

He said a motorcyclist guilty of that kind of riding would be given a warning and if caught again within 12 months, the bike would be confiscated and returned only on payment of a fine.

Coun Mavis Cholerton asked about rights to drive off-roaders up and down Newbiggin beach.

The officer said some would have legitimate business there, such as towing boats.

However, it was pointed out that a few months ago a 4x4 had become stuck on Blyth beach and been washed away.

In a report to the town council local policing issues, Pc Brown said there had been well-publicised drugs raids in Newbiggin recently, but the bulk of calls officers were receiving were for stolen roof lead, scrap metal and cycles.

Valuable goods left in unlocked cars had also provided good pickings for thieves.

And he said complaints in Newbiggin concerning tethered and loose horses were a matter for the landowner.

Violent crimes, house burglaries and criminal damage were reported as few and on the decline.

But the meeting heard that a woman’s £20,000 car had been written off after a vandal walked over the roof.

Because much of the car was constructed in one piece, it could not economically be repaired, the council were informed.