Crackdown on trouble at golf club

GOLFERS have appealed to police to crack down on anti-social behaviour around their course.

Officers are teaming up with Blyth Golf Club to deal with problems caused by youths hanging around the golf course, drinking and causing disorder.

Sergeant Garry Neill, of Blyth’s neighbourhood policing team, has met club officials to discuss how to stop youths causing damage to the greens and stealing garden tools and golfing equipment.

Officers are to put on extra evening patrols around the course to deal with the problem.

Any young people found on club property will be moved on, they say.

Sgt Neill said: “We were made aware that there had been issues with youth anti-social behaviour around Blyth golf course and set about taking action straight away.

“Working with the club, we will try to identify those responsible and put a stop to the problems.

“If we find young people drinking, we have the powers to confiscate the alcohol and call their parents out to come and collect them.

“I’d also urge any golfers who, while out on the course, see any kids drinking or causing any disorder to report it to police as soon as they can.

“We take a very serious approach to anti-social behaviour as we are fully aware of the impact it can have on individuals and the community as a whole.

“We won’t tolerate it, and neither should the public.”

Four youths have already been arrested in connection with damage caused at the golf club.