Cyber officers feature in special podcast

Cyber officers have featured in a special three-part podcast aimed at women in the industry.

Friday, 27th August 2021, 7:00 am
Charlotte Knill, of Northumbria Police’s Cyber Crime Unit.

Claire Vandenbroecke and Charlotte Knill from Northumbria Police’s Cyber Crime Unit usually deliver bespoke training to business across the area, advising them on how to keep their systems secure, as well as working with young people with highly specialised digital skills.

Now, they are sharing their expertise on a new podcast produced by the Ladies Hacking society.

The series covers everything from why you should be using two-factor authentication on your apps, to how tricks and jokes adopted by gamers could see them falling foul of the law.

Charlotte, who is one of the Force’s Prevent officers, said: “Cyber Crime is an area of policing which is constantly evolving and changing and it is on us as a Force to adapt and make sure our staff and officers have the relevant skills to deal with offences such as ransomware attacks and hacks to phishing scams and frauds as well as sexual offences like online exploitation.

“Cybercrime is ultimately something we can’t arrest our way out, even if we had all the resources in the world.

"The best way we can tackle cybercrime is to prevent the offences from taking place in the in first instance.

"This is why our roles are vital and are heavily centred on educating people about the risks which are out there and then arming them with the right tools and advice to protect themselves, their systems and devices.

“A large part of my role is working with young people and getting them to understand that cybercrime is not a victimless crime.”