Dog owner fined after pet bit man

A DOG owner has been ordered to keep his pet under control after it bit a man as he tried to stop it attacking two other dogs in a Morpeth park.

Brian Penfold was nipped on the ankle as he stepped in to protect two dogs being savaged by Star, a terrier belonging to Colin Woods, in Carlisle Park in July last year.

Mr Penfold was out walking at around 11pm with his partner and her spaniel and terrier when three-year-old Star, off its lead at the time, bit the spaniel, magistrates at Bedlington were told.

As drunken onlookers shouted that the dog was “born to kill”, the spaniel was subjected to a prolonged and frenzied attack by a snarling Star before the other terrier got involved, said prosecutor Laurie Scott.

Ms Scott said: “Mr Penfold is desperately trying to pull the dogs apart, repeatedly asking ’get the dog under control’, to which the defendant says ‘I’m not going to put my hands anywhere near that’.”

Mr Penfold was then bitten by Star, sustaining a puncture wound to his right ankle.

The dogs’ fight was only ended after an onlooker picked Star up and gave it to Woods to put its lead on.

Woods, 37, of Allery Banks, Morpeth, pleaded guilty to allowing a dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place and cause injury.

Michelle Lamont, defending, said: “They have never had any problems with the animal.

“This is the first time the animal has behaved like this. It’s a very friendly and very happy little dog.

“He believes it was frightened on this night. All these people who had been drinking in the park were cheering it on. That’s how the whole thing spiralled out of control.”

Magistrates ordered that Star be kept on a leash at all times while in a public place.

Woods was fined £135 and ordered to pay £300 costs.