Drivers warned not to leave valuables in cars

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DRIVERS are being warned to remove valuables from their cars when leaving them unattended, following a theft in Bedlington.

A thief smashed the window of a van that was parked in Front Street West on Tuesday, August 30, and stole the sat nav system that had been left in the window.

PC Craig Davison, who is investigating the crime, said: “The van was parked in a relatively busy area of Bedlington and the criminal risked smashing the van window to gain entry in broad daylight.

“It shows the lengths that thieves will go to if they know that valuables are left inside a vehicle. “Help us to stop them by removing anything of value from inside you car when ever you are leaving it.”

Anyone with any information into the theft is asked to contact police on 03456 043 043 ext 69191.