Industrial acid badly burns cat

A CAT suffered third degree burns after it was covered in acid.

And the partner of the animal’s owner also had to be treated for burns after he got liquid on his arms when he carried it to the vets.

The cat had to undergo extensive reconstruction surgery while the owner’s partner was transferred to the RVI burns unit in Newcastle for treatment.

Police were called after the pet had returned to the owner’s home in Blyth suffering from injuries to its fur and the skin on its back.

The vet said the injuries were caused by an unknown industrial acid.

Blyth Sergeant Garry Neill said: “What’s concerning about this incident is exactly where and how the cat got these injuries.

“It could have been that it has got into a shed and rubbed up against a container with a chemical in it and that has caused the injuries.

“Or it could be something more concerning, like a deliberate attempt to harm the animal.

“Either way we would like to identify how and where this cat has suffered its injuries to ensure that whatever caused this damage can’t harm anyone else.

“The cat lives around the Osprey Drive area and doesn’t explore that far away from its home, so I’d appeal for anyone who lives in the area and may have any information to contact police.”

The incident took place on Friday, July 8.

Anyone with any information is asked to contact police in Blyth on 03456 043043 ext 69191.