Listen out for thefts from cars, urge police

HOUSEHOLDERS in Cramlington are being urged to listen out for thieves targeting cars.

Residents of parts of the town affected have told police they had heard noises overnight but not reported them.

Neighbourhood inspector Dave Fitzgerald said: “Cars and vans being are being targeted.

“Offenders are smashing a window or forcing a door.

“This causes a great deal of noise, and someone nearby may well hear something.

“Anyone who hears a bang or a smash or any kind of suspicious noise through the night should contact the police straight away.

“They shouldn’t wait until morning to do something about it. If it’s ignored they face the possibility of waking up to find they or their neighbours are victims of crime.

“We stand a much better chance of catching thieves if we are called as soon as possible.”

To report suspicious behaviour, call police on 03456 043043 ext 69191.