Off-road bike users facing crackdown

OWNERS of quad-bikes and other off-road motorbikes are being warned to use them responsibly or risk losing them

The warning comes after two motorbikes were seized by police in south east Northumberland.

It also follows reports being made of such bikes being driven illegally around Holywell Dene and Seaton Delaval.

Officers are trying to identify the culprits, and if caught, they face prosecution and having their bikes confiscated.

Over the last month, besides seizing two bikes, police have issued 11 warnings to off-road riders.

Police community support officer Jonathan Storey said: “When we have been out on patrols, a number of residents have raised concerns about bikers riding illegally and dangerously in parts of Cramlington.

“The riders cause a lot of noise, the ground where they are riding often gets torn up, and some of the driving is putting themselves and other road users at risk.

“We are carrying out patrols in the highlighted areas, and I’d ask for anyone to report any illegal off-road riding to the police.

“I’d also remind riders that they need a licence and insurance, as well as documentation to show the bike is safe and legal for the road.

“Riding the bikes off road in the Holywell Dene and Seaton Delaval areas is illegal, and any identified riders will be prosecuted. “

Anyone with information about motorbikes being used unlawfully is asked to call Cramlington’s neighbourhood policing team on 03456 043043 ext 69191 or e-mail