Rain pours in after lead stolen from club roof

THIEVES have stolen lead from the roof of a social club.

The metal could have been stolen from the rear of the Linton and Woodhorn Social Club building in Ashington’s Woodhorn Road as long ago as Friday, April 15, and Sunday, May 8, but its absence was not noticed until Saturday.

Due to the lead’s removal, rain leaked into the club’s function room on Saturday night, causing damage to the interior and putting the room out of action.

Inspector Jackie Coleman, of Ashington’s neighbourhood policing team, said: “I’d appeal for anyone who has seen anyone on the roof or acting suspiciously in the area around the club over the last few weeks to contact us with any information.

“Thanks to the actions of those responsible, the club, its members and the community as a whole have to suffer.

“Metal thefts are affecting our communities and we need to put a stop to them.

“If anyone sees thieves stealing any kind of metal, from roofs, skips, business premises or anywhere, contact us and we’ll take action.”

Anyone with information on the theft is asked to call police on 03456 043043 ext 69191.