Roadside checks in two-day operation

POLICE have been targeting criminals and dangerous drivers in the Blyth area.

Officers from the neighbourhood policing team working with the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and VOSA stopped and checked more than 150 cars during a two-day operation in the town.

The aim was to target dangerous and speeding drivers, those falsely claiming benefits while working and criminals travelling into the area to commit offences.

A total of 162 cars were stopped and checked by officers.

The DWP checked the details of 147 of those stopped and are following up 22 cases.

Meanwhile VOSA issued nine prohibitions for issues around the condition of some vehicles checked.

Four cars were seized and uplifted because the drivers were not insured.

Seven people were summonsed to court for minor traffic offences while one person was issued with a fixed penalty ticket for speeding.

Blyth Neighbourhood Inspector Trevor Oakley said:”This operation was a great success and we’re planning to run similar initiatives with our partners.

“Having a highly visible presence on Blyth’s roads lets people know that the police are around, it reassures them that action is being taken about the issues that matter to them, such as speeding, and it acts as a deterrent to any potential speeders.

“The operation allowed us to gather valuable intelligence on those using the road networks in and out of the area – vital information when it comes to detecting crime.”