Town’s 300 crimes top website list

MORE incidents were reported to police in Ashington in December than anywhere else in south east Northumberland, according to new statistics.

The new website allowing residents to search for reported incidents in specific areas, reveals that 297 incidents were reported in the town in the festive season and the run-up to it.

Out of those, 184 – 61 per cent – were incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Station Road is the worst street for crime with 34 incidents, followed by Castle Terrace with 23 and Haledane Street with 20.

The second most crime-hit town is Blyth, with 227 reported incidents, 184 of them – or 59 per cent – anti-social behaviour.

Its worst streets are Second Avenue with 13 reported incidents, followed by Bridge Street with 12 and Freehold Street with nine.

Cramlington comes in third place. Despite being south east Northumberland’s biggest town, with a population almost 12,000 bigger than Ashington’s 27,000, its reported crime figure of 139 is less than half that of the Wansbeck town.

Of those, 84 – or 60 per cent – were anti-social behaviour.

Topping the list of streets were Forum Way, with 21 incidents, Church Street, with 12, and Hastings Street with nine.

Bedlington is forth in the top-five, with 114 incidents, of which 77 – or 68 per cent – were anti-social behaviour related.

In the town the adjoining Wood Lane and Warnhead Road had 23 reported incidents, Netherdale had 16 and Barrington Court had ten.

The most trouble-free town was Morpeth with 91 reported incidents, of which 51 – or 56 per cent – were anti-social behaviour.

Northumberland Neighbourhoods Superintendent Mick Pearson said: ”We’ve joined-up with all other police forces in England and Wales to launch a new tool to help communities in Northumberland better understand what’s happening on their streets.

“By making this information available, we aim to raise awareness of what we’re doing to tackle crime and disorder and how local people can support their local officers.

“Our commitment is to make our communities an even safer place for people and together with our partner agencies we will continue to tackle the crime and anti social behaviour issues that affect them the most.”