Twenty-seven under-age drinkers found at house party

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ALMOST 30 youngsters were found in a drunken state at a house party in Blyth

Police were called to a property on the South Beach estate following reports of a disturbance loud music.

On arrival they 27 under-age youths drinking alcohol.

Vomit filled the sinks and was on the carpets while empty alcohol bottles were strewn all over.

No adults were present at the property and the party was broken up.

Blyth neighbourhood beat manager Pc David Ostle said: “We were called to a report of a disturbance at a house on the estate and when we got inside we found 27 youths, girls and boys, in a drunken state.

“The music was blasting and they were having a having a party.

“There were no adults present and the house trashed with vomit in the sinks, on carpets and glass and empty alcohol bottles everywhere.”

Some of the teenagers got their alcohol from an adult who had bought it from a local off-licence and officers are carrying out enquiries into the claims.

A letter has been sent to every parent of a child present, reminding them of their responsibilities.

Police are also reinforcing their message to adults that it is an offence to buy alcohol for children and action will be taken if they are caught doing so.