Warning after pet is poisoned

A girl has been left devastated after her pet cat was killed by anti-freeze poisoning.

Bethanie Jackson’s black and white tomcat Ziggy fell ill after his usual morning wander around and died within hours of returning to his Lynemouth home.

The 11-year-old’s mum, Leonore, is now warning other cat owners to be on their guard.

She suspects that someone deliberately poisoned Ziggy as she said she had heard reports of three other cats nearby suffering a similar fate in the previous two weeks.

The mum of four said: “The cat went out as normal in the morning, but when he came in at 10am he couldn’t stand up, so I took him straight to the vet.

“Tests confirmed he had anti-freeze in his system and he lost his battle at 5pm that night. They said he must have lapped it up.

“I think it was done intentionally, but I can’t prove anything.

“It’s just devastated my little girl. She’s been off school. She’s so heartbroken and she’s just crying all the time.

“I’m disgusted that people can be so cruel. He was three years old, and he had been our daughter’s cat from being born.

“He was more than just a cat. He was her friend and snuggle buddy.

“This has happened more than once, but no one is reporting it to the police or RSPCA. I have done both.

“I want people to know that there is no coming back once your pet has been poisoned with anti-freeze.

“The vets fought hard for his life, and we caught him quickly after he digested it, but he still lost his fight for life. He was a young, strong cat.

“Whoever is responsible for this has not only taken a lovely family pet away from us, but they have turned an 11-year-old little girl’s world upside down and landed us with a £168 unexpected vet’s bill.”

A police spokesman said the incident had been reported, but as there was no proof that the cat had been poisoned maliciously, it was being treated as an accident.

No further reports of cats being poisoned in the area had been received, he added.