Youngsters gets tips on keeping bikes safe

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YOUNGSTERS in Wallsend have teamed up with police officers to keep their bikes safe from thieves.

Pupils at Burnside and Enterprise College worked with the officers to learn about SmartWater, a unique and invisible crime prevention liquid.

Wallsend temporary inspector Phil McConville said: “This initiative aims to help students keep their bikes safe.

‘‘We had an issue with bikes being stolen, and want to help people keep them safe.

“Bikes are often stolen from gardens and sheds, so remember to lock it, even when it’s inside your shed or garage.’’

He said: “We want to remind people not to leave them unattended in the street, as it only takes a few moments for an opportunist thief to help themselves to your bike.

‘‘Always keep it locked securely, even if you’re just popping into a shop.”

Police worked with pupils from Year 7 to Year 11.

Deputy headteacher Richard Carr said: “Burnside is happy as always to support the police in our community in protecting the bicycles which our students bring into school as part of their daily travel. We are always keen to encourage both a fit and healthy lifestyle amongst our learners and if they know there is now an extra level of safety and protection of their property through schemes such as SmartWater, then we hope to see the number of students travelling by bike to school each day to increase even further.”