Critisicm of zero hours contracts

A local MP has called for an end to the use of zero hours contracts in the workplace.

Blyth Valley’s MP joined fellow Labour colleagues in demanding action to end the ‘exploitation of workers’.

A special debate was called in Parliament calling for action to stop people feeling insecure in their work.

Mr Campbell said: “Under David Cameron we have seen rising insecurity at work, compounding the living standards crisis that families in Blyth Valley are facing.

“I recognise that employers and employees need some flexibility but I’m not in favour of people in Blyth Valley lacking job security and having to be flexible about whether or not they can afford the weekly shop.

“Zero hours contracts cause insecurity and uncertainty for too many families and that’s why I voted for an end to their exploitive use.”

According to recent estimates it is claimed there could be as many as one million workers employed on the contracts, and they are used in one in five workplaces.