Cut-price rooms to rent could help keep yobs at bay

A DISUSED Blyth school could be the answer to the prayers of cash-strapped tenants looking for somewere to live on the cheap.

A national scheme run by property management firm Ad Hoc is looking for ten tenants to move into the empty school.

Disused schools in the town have been targeted by arson attacks in recent years, including two last month alone, Newsham First and Wensleydale Middle, so the hope is that the having the building occupied will act as a deterrent to vandals and arsonists.

The ten people the school will be able to accommodate will have to furnish and decorate their own 30ft-by-30ft living spaces, while the company will provide extra showers and kitchen facilities if necessary.

Those taking up the offer will be able to take advantage of cut-price rents of £180 a month.

Nick Hilton, regional manager for Ad Hoc, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for the people in the Blyth area to pay a fraction of the usual cost for very spacious properties. As the properties remain lived in, it stops the devaluation you would get on empty buildings.

“The guardians make significant savings on accommodation, and the owner makes significant savings on security, so it’s a win-win situation.”

The concept originates in Holland and has also been used to safeguard former churches and vicarages.

The identity of the former school is not being revealed yet for fear that vandals might target it before tenancies can be arranged.

Anyone interested in living in the old school should contact Daniel Little on 01904 795657 or e-mail

Tenants must have proof of occupation and be able to provide reference on request.