CUTS: Don't take away parks

So it looks like a whacking cut is on the cards to end funding for further refurbishment of amenities '“ the grounds for public usage and enjoyment.

Saturday, 4th March 2017, 6:05 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 9:58 am

It is kaput, the ‘dash for cash’, which would end the public’s pleasure, instead erecting houses.

It was a Victorian Act of Parliament which gave factory workers access to open spaces, away from the squalor of the back streets, no oxygen or sunlight. We have come, I hope, a long way from then.

Parks are places where people can enjoy the scenery, walking, jogging, taking children to play areas, exercising the dog and oneself, meeting neighbours, or quietly eating sandwiches, feeding the ducks and sitting on a bench, fondly remembering times gone by.

Parks at one time or another are a big part of us. They are a fact, taken for granted, but much loved and innate to our character. It would be a sore loss if we lost the freedom to have a lovely park. They are a place we can visit in all seasons.

The public is seeing the loss gradually of its amenities. These were places where the public met cordially, laughed, joked and talked to neighbours – a place of natural community links.

If the parks are to be sacrificed for building new houses, then I’m afraid party political politics will suffer at the polling station. People do not forget these short-sighted policies and will act accordingly.

Connie Hovsepian