CUTS: The poorest will suffer

I am writing to express my disgust at the government’s intention to cut tax credits to the low paid workers of this country.

How can it be justified when the drive of the government is to encourage people to work, and invariably a lot of the unemployed people end up taking low paid jobs? The reward is then to cut their tax credits?

It just does not make sense to punish the lower paid workers as it helps to remove the incentive to work.

There are plenty of local people who will be affected by these cuts and lots of them will have children who will also suffer. Why is more not being done by local MPs to fight these cuts as it is shameful that they will make life harder for their constituents?

Let us all voice our disagreement with these tax credit cuts and ask for fairness.

If these cuts are really a part of austerity measures then let us ask for an alternative, rather than see the poorest workers in our communities suffer.

Lastly, the north east of England continues to have the highest unemployment rates in the country and has the highest level of people claiming benefits.

So this is obviously a blatant attack by this government on the north east of England, which, by chance, is a Labour stronghold.

We should be challenging this government as to the motives behind tax credit cuts. Is it really part of a well thought-out austerity plan, or is it just in revenge for the people in the north east not voting in the Tories?

Douglas Jerry