Cycling dangers on path and prom

I AM absolutely fed up with the cyclists who ride at high speed along the promenade and the Eve Black coastal path through the dunes from Blyth to Seaton Sluice.

You take your life in your own hands when walking along these two places.

The cyclists are upon you without warning and the majority do not have a bell to warn you of their existence.

I have almost been run over on several occasions as you do not expect to have to look over your shoulder every time you want to cross the path or the promenade in case there is a bicycle.

I have shouted after many of them telling them to use their bell but it is a waste of time as I usually get a mouthful of abuse or a hand gesture as they ride past.

Many people walk their dogs along the Eve Black path and these cyclists can be doing high speeds and the dogs get the blame because they are free running.

The path is for everyone and dog owners have every right to let their dogs walk free.

Last week when the children were on holiday and the weather was good, many families were enjoying themselves at the beach.

I saw a child almost knocked over by a cyclist as the child ran straight out of one of the beach huts onto the beach.

How are children supposed to know they have to use the Green Cross Code on a promenade?

When I was a child there was a sign saying ‘No Cycling Allowed’ on the promenade.

When did this cease to be the case?

It is time to bring this regulation back before there is a serious accident.

There is a cycle path running adjacent to the main road so there is absolutely no need for cyclists to use the promenade.

Some cyclists who ride along the Eve Black path need to stick to a speed limit as they seem to use this pathway as a training course for the Tour De France.

If something is not done soon to stop the speeding cyclists I can foresee a serious injury happening to a person or a dog.