CYCLING: Riders feel squeezed out

In answer to Paul Flynn's letter, while I agree about cyclists using dedicated cycle paths, and I use them wherever possible, I feel I must make him, and others, aware why people may not be doing so.

Saturday, 2nd June 2018, 6:47 am

A lot of pedestrians, especially the elderly, prefer to walk on them as they are usually smoother than the uneven flags on pavements.

Younger people walk on them in large groups for sociability reasons. Dog walkers seem to enjoy them too, not always with their dog on the lead. And people with mobility scooters use them as they have less kerbs to negotiate.

So I think my fellow cyclists may be feeling a little squeezed out.

As most cyclists use their bikes for fitness reasons, the constant stopping and starting to negotiate the above mentioned traffic is probably making them feel that they are not getting the best from the cycle tracks.

I am not bothered by these myself, but can understand why this might annoy the more enthusiastic pedallers.

I have rung my bell on numerous occasions, only to be completely ignored. I have even been abused for ringing my bell.

If more people were prepared to share these rights of way, maybe we would all get along a lot better.

Adrian McRobb