Cyclists let us know you’re there

I am returning to an issue previously featured in your pages. This is the shared costal path from Blyth to Seaton Sluice.

My wife and I had happily trudged our way along this path on a 30-minute walk and were nearing our vehicle.

A few cyclists had passed us both ways with no drama as they used bells, or were coming towards us. One gentleman came up behind us and we did not hear him. He did not use a bell. When he did get past I suggested a bell might help. He seemed to think we should have heard him when we did not. He then verbally abused us. He was not a youngster so should have known better.

Thank you to all the walkers, runners and cyclists who made the walk a pleasure.

To the gent who did not, I apologise if we held you back, but would ask you to consider that not all people have perfect hearing. I suffer tinnitus and a bell is heard more easily than a human voice.

Keith Brotherton