Dad’s pride at hero son

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A father has spoken of the pride he feels for his son who saved his life.

John Allman was out cycling with his son Johnthan in August when he was hit by a car on the Links Road in Blyth.

“A car came really close to me and as I turned to look at the driver and then back to the road, I hit a lamp post at about 20mph then landed in the middle of the road,” he said.

“Jonathan has special educational needs and does not like to use the phone, but he called the ambulance, police, his mam and a family friend. For him to do that takes guts.”

John ended up in intensive care with 12 broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a punctured lung.

“Jonathan saved my live,” said John. “If he had not helped me I would have not been here today.

“That day will always be with me, and as a parent it’s been choking me to do something about his bravery.

“I’ve can’t ever repay Jonathan for what he has done for me.”