Dad shocked to get sack for caring for sick son

Stephen Davison from Blyth whose son Cory has a brain tumour has been told by Aldi that he was sacked after he took unpaid leave to look after Cory.
Stephen Davison from Blyth whose son Cory has a brain tumour has been told by Aldi that he was sacked after he took unpaid leave to look after Cory.

A FATHER has told of his disgust at being sacked for taking time off work to care for his son as he undergoes gruelling treatment for a life-threatening brain tumour.

In February, little Cory Davison was diagnosed with a tumour the size of a plum wrapped around his brain stem after months of feeling unwell.

The brave six-year-old underwent a six-hour operation to remove the tumour, spending several days in intensive care before undergoing gruelling radiotherapy treatment.

But now the family have been dealt a further devastating blow, as Cory’s dad Steven received a letter on Saturday morning telling him he had been sacked from his job at Aldi in Blyth.

Steve, 31, of Pecket Close, Newsham Farm Estate, Blyth, said: “They are cowards, and they haven’t stuck to their word.

“I just got a letter saying that I was sacked from my boss, who had always said to me to take as much time as I needed to look after Cory.

“I was in a probationary period as I only started the job last November, but when Cory was diagnosed, they said to take the time off to care for him, so I did – and I did it unpaid, so they weren’t losing out on anything.

“Then I went to the doctor’s because of everything that was happening, and I put a sick note in to Aldi to let them know what was happening, and four days later I get this letter saying I have lost my jobn.

“All they have done is make sure I am jobless for when Cory gets better, it is just somethnig else to have to worry about.

“The area manager who said it was ok to be off for as long as I needed has sent me the letter, and couldn’t even sign it himself.

“They could have rang me and talked to me about it but they took the easy way out and just sent me a letter.”

Cory’s grandad Ted, 64, who created a Facebook group called We Love Cory Davison, to let people around the world know how Cory is getting on, said this was a low blow.

Ted said: “It is despicable. It’s just added to the stress he is already under caring for Cory.

“If he isn’t with Cory then he is looking after the other kids, and he just feels let down because Aldi said he could have the time off and were ok with it.”

In the letter it says: “We have expressed our concerns over a number of occasions in relation to your performance including in respect of attendance/absense during your trial period.

“As you have been made aware, the expectations which Aldi has of its employees are very high and I am sorry that you were not able to meet those expectations.”

Last week a fundraiser event was held at Blyth Town Football ground in South Beach, to help family and friends raise money for Cory United.

Ted said: “We want to raise money to help Cory’s mam and dad, as well as helping other local families in the area who are going through difficult times.

“Things like paying to get to and from the RVI and the Freeman hospitals and for parking, it all mounts up and we want to be able to help ease the burden, but now Steve has lost his job, there is that added pressure there that he could just do without.”

Cory, who is a pupil at Newsham Primary school and has a twin brother Cain, has now completed his radiotherapy, and will now have a couple of months to get fit, before starting a high dose of chemotherapy.

Ted said: “He has to have high doses of chemotherapy so they can make sure they’ve got it all.

“He has never once cried, or whinged, he just gets on with it, but he gets so frustrated because he wants to be able to ride his bike but he’s having to learn to walk again.

“They picked the wrong family when they picked us, because he will get through it – we will get through it.

“He is an inspiration to people all over the world –he has strength, courage, love and determination.”

A spokesman for Aldi said: “It is company policy not to disclose personal employment details. There are a number of reasons for the termination of Mr Davison’s employment and we’ll discuss this matter with him.”

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