Dad vows to continue fight over moustache

A FATHER has vowed to continue the fight after a school’s decision to exclude his son for growing a moustache was upheld.

Peter Grey says his youngest son Marc has no choice in the matter as he could develop a medical condition rendering him unable to shave should do so.

Marc, 13, has been excluded from Blyth’s Bede Academy for breaching its ban on facial hair, and last week that decision was upheld by an independent appeal panel.

Peter has hit out at the decision, disputing the independence of the panel.

He said: “We’re going to have to follow this up. This isn’t going to end here. I’m not very happy at all.

“We don’t think the outcome was very good, but that’s how we were expecting it would go.

“I’ve got somebody else looking at the case, and hopefully something else will happen in the future.

“All they had to do was look at the situation and apply some common sense.

“There was no reference to shaving when the school opened in 2009. Ryan was there from September before the issue was first raised the following March.

“If we had known about this shaving policy, then my son wouldn’t have gone there in the first place.”

Marc’s brothers Scott, 17, and Ryan, 15, both suffer from the condition called folliculitis, making it painful to use razors.

Peter said the Sixth Avenue school had ignored Marc’s condition, instead wanting him to shave so they could see if his skin did flare up.

Marc is now studying at Blyth Community College, along with his brothers, and Peter says he is flourishing in his new environment.

He said: “He’s made lots of friends at his new school and is well respected by his teachers.”

Bede Academy principal Gwyneth Evans said: “The process leading up to exclusion is complex and lengthy.

“Exclusion is always a last resort after all other avenues have been explored and when all means of negotiation have been exhausted.

“In this case, staff did their utmost to work with the student and his parents to resolve the matter, but in the end we were left with no option other than to exclude him.”