Death of top accordion player Peter

Top accordion player Peter Cosimini has died at the age of 87.

Peter, who ran a fish and chip shop in Blyth, was buried on Tuesday following a mass in St Wilfrid’s Church, and leaves a wife, son and daughter.

It was in his father’s fish and chip shop in Plessey Road, near Croft Park, that Peter’s interest in the instrument was roused.

He was fascinated when a customer who came in with an accordion was persuaded to play a tune while waiting for his meal.

His enthusiasm led to him eventually becoming a professional with Felix Mendlesson and his Hawaiian Serenaders touring the top theatres in Britain for five years and appearing on radio and television.

It was a visit to Italy to buy an instrument which led to him meeting his future wife, Angiolina.

Peter continued playing the accordion, leading a quartet at the Rex Ballroom, Whitley Bay, for several years, and in his later years he performed with the Blyth Valley Accordion Band.

The Cosimini family is still involved in business in the town and his daughter Angela, is the founder and owner of Frameworks Art Café in Bridge Street, Blyth.