‘Death sentence’ for allotment cockerels

Donna Scott with one of her cockerels.
Donna Scott with one of her cockerels.

Allotment holders say a council decision to enforce a ‘ban’ on cockerels is a death sentence.

In May Donna Scott, who owns an allotment at East Hartford in Cramlington, launched a petition against plans by Cramlington Town Council to remove all cockerels from the allotments.

But at a meeting last week the council agreed to uphold the tenancy agreement currently in place, which bans cockerels from allotments.

Donna said: “This is a death sentence for the birds and a very unfair decision.

“There was no compromise and the idea that was mentioned of a future where no livestock will be allowed on allotment sites is just unreasonable and gives no thought to the animals that are housed in allotments.

“I’m upset that the petition I entered has not made end difference I talked to many residents of East Hartford and did not come across one person who was against them.”

Coun Barry Flux, who voted against the decision, added: “Rather than try to accommodate a compromise, Labour councillors have decided to impose an effective death sentence on these cockerels.

“More than 100 residents in East Hartford have signed a petition in support of the cockerels, which given the size of East Hartford is a significant number.

“I believe that a compromise could have been found.”

But Coun Jean Whisson, who voted for the proposal, said: “We have had complaints about noise from the cockerels over the years from residents so we have acted on this and asked for allotment holders to keep up their tenancy agreement.

“By keeping cockerels they are in breach of their tenancy agreement.

“We aren’t introducing a ban on cockerels, we are asking allotment holders to uphold the terms of the agreement.”