DECLINE: No centre for heritage

On reading Alan Thompson's letter (News Post Leader, January 18), I have to admit to a little envy.

Thursday, 1st February 2018, 06:08 am
Updated Wednesday, 31st January 2018, 14:56 pm

There are so many good activities happening in Newbiggin, a heritage centre and a sports/activity centre – wonderful.

Here in poor old Bedlington we have so little, and poor is the operative word.

The famous old town is getting poorer by the week. Do the people who can change that care?

Yes, we have some musical groups and some concerts in the community centre, which could always do with more attending.

We also have ‘The Great Wall Of Bedlington’, a red and yellow boil on the landscape, enclosing all the waste the powers that be placed there. Just how long it remains an eyesore and dumping ground is anyone’s guess.

We also have the 17th century Laird’s House. What a wonderful heritage centre and refreshment room it would make.

Sadly, the town is dying.

I gave a visitor to the town a pavement history lesson as he enquired of me the way to the Furnace Bank. He wanted to see for himself where the birth of the railways took place.

I brought to his attention The Bedlington Terrier and Ned Metcalf’s pub The Gardeners Arms.

As I told him of the Old Hall and the Norman keep, he spoke of the many tourists like himself who should be visiting Bedlington.

There’s no heritage centre in Bedlington to tell of its long and proud history, just empty shops, a facility for dumping waste and a run-down town.

AS Marr