DECLINE: We can make a difference

John Wilson eloquently expressed, without it being a rant, the genuine despair of many Blyth residents about the state of our town centre, (News Post Leader, September 27).

Thursday, 11th October 2018, 6:41 am

As he said, we have so many things going for us that it is incomprehensible that what should be the heart of our town seems so neglected and depressing.

Many people will remember the fine shops and market that used to bring visitors to shop in Blyth, but, as John says, what is there to come to Blyth for now?

I believe our council should carry a great deal of responsibility for the erosion of the town centre.

It is hard for Blyth residents to understand why Cramlington town centre has got so much and we have got so little.

However, I hope that we, who feel strongly about our town, will not, as John fears, allow any part of Blyth to become a ‘no-go area’.

There are many people in and around the town quietly doing their bit to maintain pride in being a Blyth resident.

Look at the results brought about by litter-pickers, beach clearers, flower planters, etc, and those few, it has to be said, great shops that still proudly hold their heads up. They are still there if you look.

I would appeal to anyone despairing to do what they can to improve their bit of Blyth, however small.

You will get real satisfaction from your efforts and we will win in the end.

Trudi Eadington