Delight for Owen and his new car seat

A disabled youngster is escaping the confines of his home, thanks to a new specialist car seat.

Monday, 11th April 2016, 7:30 am
Owen Morgan in his new specialist car seat.

Owen Morgan, a pupil at The Centre Josephine Butler Primary School Campus in Ashington, has global development delay and autism.

The conditions mean the five-year-old, from Ashington, requires constant supervision as he is non-verbal, has no sense of danger and has a range of sensory needs.

His mum, Ashleigh, says his condition has also left him with joint hypermobility, an over extension of his joints that causes pain in his knees, fingers and hips.

As a result, Ashleigh had found it increasingly difficult to get Owen in and out of the family car and along with her partner Jamie, set out to buy a new car seat – only to find it would cost £1,500.

However, they received help from Caudwell Children, who used their family support service to raise the money.

Ashleigh said: “Using a standard car seat was becoming a stressful experience as it was causing Owen real pain.

“The charity gave us invaluable support to secure the seat. They helped us fill in application forms and put together a number of grant and funding bids.

“Now we have the seat and it’s brilliant.”

“The seat swivels around and allows me to get Owen in the car without me, or his dad, having to pull him this way and that.

“It makes the whole process so much easier and also saves Owen from a lot of pain.”

Jamie added: “He just loves playing in the water and trying to swim at Waves swimming pool, in Whitley Bay.

“This gives him great exercise and he has a fantastic time.

“He also really enjoys being taken up to Plessey Woods Country Park for a walk. He can’t get enough of the fresh air and the wildlife.

“We can’t thank Caudwell Children enough for what they have done for us.”

Trudi Beswick, chief executive of Caudwell Children, said: “This car seat will improve Owen’s life immeasurably and it will stop him and his family from becoming prisoners in their own home.

“Unbelievably, 75 per cent of families with disabled children feel so isolated that it has caused anxiety and depression, so the provision of this car seat will be vital for the wellbeing of Owen and his family.

“With continued support from members of the public we can support other children, like Owen, giving them the specialist equipment that they so desperately need and deserve.”