Delighted store plan was rejected

I AM glad to see that planning permission has been refused for Tesco to build a mini market on the present site of the Victoria and Albert pub in Seaton Delaval (see page 6).

This is thanks to the local people who have rallied round in their numbers.

I have been in there a couple of times since this controversy began and it is a nice pub, very homely and friendly.

The manager is a hard-working, conscientious chap who looks after his customers it would have been a pity to see him lose his job.

Being a pub landlord has a lot of restrictions these days.

I don’t smoke myself, but banning smoking in pubs has been an economic disaster as most people who go to pubs on a regular basis are smokers, or were.

If they are so fanatical about it they should at least have had smoking and no smoking rooms, as if people want to smoke they are going to smoke.

If Tesco had got its way, I fear three businesses could have gone to the wall – the pub, Co-op and the corner shop.


Seaton Delaval