Democracy is alive and well

The recall of Parliament last week gave me the opportunity to take part in what can only be described as a historic vote showing democracy is alive and well.

Both the government and opposition motions were defeated, with Parliament reflecting the overwhelming public mood against military involvement in the Syria conflict.

The images from Syria have been extremely harrowing and heinous crimes against men, women and children have been committed. However, the political situation in the country is extremely complex with an entrenched dictatorship and fractured opposition made up of a wide range of organisations, some of which we have been involved in conflict with in other parts of the Middle East.

There could be no guarantee that any military intervention would have made it any better for those affected or that it would not have further escalated the situation to neighbouring states.

I was contacted by countless constituents in relation to the debate on Syria and the potential consequences of military action. Without exception I was urged to vote against British involvement in any strikes on the country.

I can say with my head held high that I voted with my conscience and my constituents and opposed British involvement.