DEMOCRACY: System must be changed

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The Government has declared the first week in July to be National Democracy Week.

To me, this is just another example of MPs treating the electorate with contempt.

This country has never been democratic, and never will be democratic under the present, disgraceful farce of a voting system.

The first basic and golden rule of democracy has always been overlooked by politicians of all parties.

The rule is simple – one vote per person.

I refuse to accept anything but this as democratic.

Ask yourself if you would share your vote with your partner or anyone else in your household.

One vote per household? No. Maybe one vote per postcode? No. One vote per town? No. One vote per constituency (over 40,000 people to share one vote)? No.

In every general election there are only 650 votes – one per constituency, now called a seat – that decide which party can form a government.

Women recently celebrated the anniversary of getting the vote, but in actual fact they were given the same as men – one share of one constituency vote.

This meant men went from having approximately a one in 20,000 share of their constituency vote to a one in 40,000 share of the same vote.

Sorry to disappoint you ladies, but you won nothing, and like men, still do not have a vote of your own.

When the voting system is changed to proportional representation every single person will get one vote each.

This will at least be a step in the right direction towards democracy and stop some of the previous crazy results happening.

In the 2015 election UKIP got 3.6 million votes in England for one seat, while the SNP had 1.5 million votes for 56 seats.

Add UKIP and the Green Party together for five million votes and they only got two seats. At the same time Sinn Feinn only had 176,000 votes, but got four seats.

This is not just a recent development. In 1974 Harold Wilson (Labour) formed a government with 301 seats against Edward Heath (Conservative) 297 seats, but the Conservatives had over 200,000 more votes. Votes don’t win elections under the present system, Seats do.

There are crazy things happening in politics at the moment (Brexit )and they need to stop.

We need a purposeful general election where every vote counts and seats are awarded on proportional representation basis in order to sort our own country out first.

If you would like your very own vote in the future then now is the time to contact your MP (letter, phone, email, etc) and demand your right to a vote that counts.

You may also like to go online and look up Make Votes Matter.

Michael Roberts