Despair at rubbish left following market day

Rubbish left in Blyth Marketplace.
Rubbish left in Blyth Marketplace.

A FORMER councillor who represented Blyth for nearly two decades says he was appalled with the state of the town after a market day.

Colin Brown served on Blyth Valley Borough Council for 16 years but says he could not believe the state of the market place.

And the former councillor has hit out at both the traders and Northumberland County Council for their part in allowing the area to become a haven for rubbish following the Wednesday market.

He said: “I was appalled to see he untidy state of boxes and rubbish left following the market.

“It is obvious the people who left this mess have no thoughts or respect for the people of Blyth or any pride in the work they do.

“Having been a councillor in the past for 16 years I was appalled to see it like this.

“I have never seen it so bad in Blyth in my lifetime.”

A spokesperson for Northumberland County Council said: “The market is supposed to end at 1.30pm on Wednesday afternoon.

“It would appear some of the traders on the market stayed longer this week, perhaps to take advantage of the good weather.

“The county council’s neighbourhood services team clears the rubbish from the market place at 3.15/3.30pm.

“As some traders stayed longer, rubbish was left after 3.30pm.

“The council cleared this extra rubbish first thing on Thursday morning.

“A reminder will go out, via the market manager, that traders should pack up their stalls and goods at 1.30pm so that all litter from the market place can be cleared.”