Detained sailor still being held in Indian prison

An Ashington seaman is still being held in an Indian prison despite being granted bail last week.

Nick Dunn and 33 colleagues were granted bail during a hearing in Tuticorin last Wednesday, with two senior officials on the maritime security vessel being denied bail.

But five days later, the 28-year-old is still being held in Puzhal Prison, in Chennai, after stringent conditions were imposed by Indian authorities.

Each of the 34 men – arrested last October while working on the MV Seaman Guard Ohio in the Indian Ocean – has been told they need to find two Indians to act as ‘surety’ while they are out at prison.

Nick’s sister Lisa has hit out at the ruling, saying their nightmare is continuing.

Speaking to the News Post Leader, she said: “We were told last Friday that they had got bail but the conditions are not realistic enough for Europeans.

“They are asking for two Indian nationals per man to vouch for them but these nationals must have plenty of money and property to their names.

“To find one is hard never mind 68. It’s completely unrealistic.

“I feel like they are giving bail with one hand then taking it away with the other.”

Lawyers acting on behalf of AdvanFort, the US company which owns the ship, are due back in the Indian court tomorrow (Tuesday) in a bid to get the bail conditions changed.

Lisa added: “It’s nearly a week since they said were given bail yet Nick’s still in prison.”

Earlier this month, families of three of the six British sailors being detained – including Lisa – handed in a petition signed by more than 144,000 to Downing Street calling for the government to help with their release.