DEVELOPMENT: Building up problems

What is wrong with Northumberland County Council and its planners?

I have read public notices stating that the workshops in Plessey Road are to be replaced with 38 houses (News Post Leader, September 24).

As a retired employer who had friends running businesses from these units, I am stunned that the council is replacing these units with houses. The people working from these units had to relocate with great difficulty and with little help from the council after forming successful businesses.

Blyth Valley has three roads in and out of the town. Over the years the council has built lots of new houses with no amenities or new roads in and out of Blyth. Congestion is getting worse by the day.

These new houses are sold cheaply to people working outside the area.

We’ve already lost one golf course, as well as our fields to new builds. How long will it be before we lose our second and only golf course to this building work?

Most of these new owners of the properties work outside the area. Lots of these are two and three car families.

Blyth town centre is a disgrace. Council money is spent on Cramlington and surrounding areas. I could go on and on.

Wake up and look ahead to all the problems you are creating instead of counting all the money you are receiving in council tax.

When this influx of new owners see how long it takes to get to work through traffic jams they will probably move on and leave the outskirts as desolate as the town centre.

Chris Heads