DEVELOPMENT: Facilities are inadequate

How and why did Northumberland County Council give permission for all the new houses in Cramlington without updating the infrastructure?

Thursday, 22nd March 2018, 5:30 am

I spent 30 minutes stuck at Manor Walks car park on one recent Saturday trying to leave. We were totally gridlocked. People were driving more and more recklessly to get out, and there was not a traffic supervisor in sight.

I usually plan to go early to Manor Walks because of this.

Where does the council think the people in the new houses are going to shop? Does it imagine they will take the A1 straight to Newcastle?

Are there enough school places? I only ask this as my son and his partner breathed a huge sigh of relief when their son’s place was confirmed for the learning village.

Already there are slowing traffic problems on the road outside Nelson village, and there are no houses completed yet.

By all means try to alleviate the housing shortage, but only if you have correctly predicted the impact on the existing environment and population.

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