Development is not wanted

I am writing in response to the article quoting the managing director of Barratts (News Post Leader, July 17), has he seen how many houses there are for sale in New Hartley?

And have been for a while?

The jobs, all 414 of them, we all know that companies use squads who travel wherever the work is, so they are not directly local jobws, are they?

And the wildlife zone? We already have one, it is a beautiful area where you are wanting to build.

We have wonderful wildlife there already, and all would be gone if this development was allowed to go ahead.

Wow, £350,000 for a new sports and children play provision, we already have one, thanks.

And the last comment on how Barratts has held two public exhibitions and how they have listened and taken our comments on board.

If that were correct then Barratts would not be still trying to push this application through.

And the company’s representatives were obviously at a different exhibition to me, as the general feeling is we don’t want, nor need it.

Our village is beautiful as it is and can’t sustain a development of this size.

So go into a town and find some other land to acquire and leave New Hartley as it is, perfect.

Denise Toon

New Hartley