DEVELOPMENT: Town needs amenities

I was delighted to learn that improvements to Hirst Welfare Centre had been completed (News Post Leader, November 26).

However, I was very unhappy to read that once again Northumberland County Council had funded something in Ashington.

Why can’t Bedlington receive funding for a leisure centre, swimming pool or something similar, especially for the young people?

Bedlington is like Topsy – it justs keeps growing and growing with residential accommodation, which obviously means more council tax into the coffers of the county council, with nothing being spent in Bedlington.

However, we do not have the amenities to support this great expansion.

Shopping is very limited for everything, especially groceries, the schools are bursting at the seams, and there is no place for entertainment or leisure.

No wonder the teenagers and youngsters hang around Front Street and St Cuthbert’s Churchyard after school and weekends because they have nowhere to go.

Fortunately I drive, but my sympathies are with people who do not drive, especially the elderly.

Getting a bus to Cramlington, Morpeth or Blyth is fine, but if there is a week’s shopping to carry it’s not so fine.

The county council has stated that it has no plans for Bedlington and that the town is close to leisure centres at Ashington, Cramlington and Blyth.

Unless one has a bus pass it becomes expensive for people to travel to any one of those centres.

Parents may not wish for their children to be travelling to those places, especially in the dark nights of winter.

Since moving into the area from Gosforth 39 years ago I have seen Bedlington, a beautiful, historic and well resourced town, deteriorate and turn into a shabbles due to lack of investment or interest and because of the council’s tunnel-vision towards Ashington.

Northumberland County Council please move your sights and money beyond Ashington.

Merle Rewcastle