DEVELOPMENT: Town's ripe for a marina

I recently spent an extraordinary and inspiring day in Newbiggin-by-the Sea, celebrating and commemorating with the Robinson Ripple the incredible community that has made this small Northumberland town such a stalwart and friendly place.

Thursday, 26th July 2018, 6:56 am

Despite the high days and low days over the years, I feel that this is the stage for us to back a new venture and proclaim – Newbiggin deserves a marina.

Judging by how a marina has enhanced and brought in so much more disposable income to Amble, it would be wrong to not at least consider this as Newbiggin’s latest endeavour.

Perhaps it could, one day, be part of the exciting Great Exhibition of the North of the future.

Trish Hayes

Newbiggin-by-the Sea