Development will bring problems

AS a resident of Gordon Road, Blyth, I wish to strongly object to the proposed layout of the building of 68 houses on the former Wensleydale School field.

The current layout does not conform to the original statement and assurances by the council that the houses would only be built on the actual footprint of the former school.

The current layout covers 30 per cent or more of the ‘green field’ site and impacts on established houses in Gordon Road, Brinkburn Avenue and part of the Solingen estate.

One of the main objections is the access for 48 of the proposed houses via Gordon Road.

It should be noted that Gordon Road serves as access for 300-plus homes, not only in Gordon Road but also Matthew Road, Wolmer Road and Solingen estate.

Potentially, 48 new houses would mean a lot more cars using Gordon Road, which is already congested due to the current volume of traffic and cars parked on both sides of the road.


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