Diggers warned over park holes

The damaged area in Ridley Park, Blyth.
The damaged area in Ridley Park, Blyth.

Bottle diggers targeting a popular area of Blyth are being warned they face putting others, and themselves, in danger.

Last week, an eight-foot-long tunnel was created in Ridley Park and this exposed pipework. Northumberland County Council fears that someone could be seriously hurt should they fall into one of these illegal holes.

The latest excavation discovered by council staff was covered with wire mesh, plastic and then a coating of leaves.

Coun Glen Sanderson, cabinet member for environment and local services, said: “These bottle diggers have effectively been creating underground tunnels in their hunt for bottles.

“They’re putting both the-mselves and others in danger, including our staff who use equipment that could easily fall through from the surface.

“We want everyone to enjoy our parks and green spaces for what they were intended and will look to take action against those who carry out illegal activities, so we would ask that the diggers please stop.”

Police have been informed of the latest digging and council staff have repaired the damaged area.