Disgusted in not keeping it local

LIKE many others I look forward to my copy of the News Post Leader dropping through the letterbox.

My wife and I love looking through to see what’s happening in the local area and always feel a sense of pride for the people who have been doing all sorts of things to raise money for charitable causes.

In these hard times it is brilliant to see the snippets of good news for the people of Blyth and Northumberland.

I was extremely interested to read the article on page 26 of this week’s paper (April 26) about the Keel Row awarding a three-year deal to a design team which would help promote the shopping centre.

A three-year deal is a massive thing at the moment and would be a great contract to pick up, offering what I would imagine to be quite a bit of job security.

But I’m sure, along with many others, I felt an enormous sense of dismay but mostly disgust when I learnt that the design team in question that has been awarded this prestigious long-term contract is based in Harrogate of all places, that’s 100 miles away.

I would have thought the job of promoting such a major part of the town should have gone to a fairly local company who would have not only a passion for where they live but a desire to help their local community, their family, their friends, their local businesses that they grew up with, in other words ‘where they were born and bred’.

There’s a big push to bring people back into our dying town centres and I think three words could sum up what everybody and in particular the Keel Row decision makers could perhaps think about – keep it local.

I can’t see the people of Harrogate doing a 200-mile round trip to put their money back into our local economy.

Well done the Keel Row.