Disgusted in the state of our town

I HAVE lived in Ashington all my life but today is the first time I was disgusted at the state of the main street.

The so called shopping centre is none existent, charity shops all over the place and another one to open soon.

When we used to have some of the best shops in the area people would come to Ashington, now they stay away

Is it because we have nothing to offer them? We cannot blame it on one superstore opening, it is a failure from those people who make the decisions.

We once had five cinemas but now there are none. Cramlington has seen there is a need for this and is looking ahead.

A new sports centre, yes we need it, and a large pool, plenty of affordable places for people to enjoy.

We have plenty land in and around Ashington, why build units that stand empty?

And when I was a child I was taught to put rubbish in a bin. We now live in a throw away society.

On Sunday mornings, food packaging, stale kebabs and cigarette ends from the night before adorn our streets. This is not just untidy and messy but also a serious health hazard as it encourages rats and vermin.

Is this what we want in Ashington? If not, bin it, please.


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