DIY stores to tackle thefts

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Police have joined forces with DIY stories in the county to shed some light on outdoor security.

The spring and summer months see residents buying new sheds or stocking up on tools to transform their gardens, often leading to a rise in shed burglaries.

Garden and security leaflets are being delivered to stores for anyone buying a shed or items that may be stored inside one.

Chief Inspector Aidan Sloan said: “All too often we take reports of expensive items being stolen from sheds which may not have had adequate security.

“If people intend to store these items in sheds, they should always make sure they have a good quality lock fitted.

“People should also consider boosting security to the rest of their garden such as locks on gates and lighting.”

“Anyone working in their garden should also remember to still lock doors and windows and never leave garages or sheds unlocked.

“It’s also worth remembering that tools can be used to break into other property.

“Whether a person is buying a shed for the first time, or already has one, a little time and money spent on security measures on it and your garden can save a huge inconvenience if items are stolen.”