Do flowers cause asthma attacks?

AT this time of year, and nearing my 93rd birthday, I am plagued by asthmatic attacks like many other people of my age.

This year, as a year older, I wonder if it is because of the beautiful flower gardens we have in what are cold regions?

As I learn, rather late in the day, that too many flowers gracing the rooms of our homes – especially flats – can remove the oxygen from the air we breathe, I am afraid I begin to take this seriously as I am at this time suffering from more asthmatic attacks this year than during any other.

Mind you, I don’t mean to make an issue of this and upset anyone who fears the same thing as my medications are in order and I can’t how anything as beautiful and innocent as the lovely flowers I have in my flat can be so harmful.

Perhaps someone who knows about the chemistry of garden flowers can offer some kind of advice.

I don’t want to end up having the message ‘No flowers please – gran’s over the age of 90!’.

What an awful idea for those of us who love them, no matter what.