Do you know the phantom roundabout feeder?

The 'Please don't feed the locals' sign on a Cramlington roundabout.
The 'Please don't feed the locals' sign on a Cramlington roundabout.

Mystery surrounds strange goings-on at a roundabout in Cramlington.

The roundabout, between Horton Drive and Westwood Grange in the north of the town, has been levelled by council workmen ready for fresh planting this spring as part of a scheme to improve and brighten up Cramlington.

However, locals have been left perplexed after fresh fruit and vegetables were left in the dead of night by the ‘phantom roundabout feeder’, beach balls and a shoe, and more recently, a scarecrow has appeared with a sign saying ‘don’t feed the locals’.

Town councillor Wayne Daley has questioned the motives behind the move, with wildlife being put a risk from traffic if they fancy a midnight snack.

Coun Daley said: “The phantom roundabout feeder is doing it over night, and some people are finding it highly amusing.

“We think they’re doing it to feed the rabbits, but they have a perfectly nice field where they don’t have to cross a busy intersection to get a bite of a carrot, as it might result in a very flat cross bunny.

“The good news is that work is being done to make this an inviting and welcoming roundabout, and once the weather improves we will be moving to a planting scheme.”