Do your bit to shut out the thieves

News from Northumbria Police
News from Northumbria Police

Police in Northumberland are warning householders not to make life easy for sneak thieves looking to take advantage of the spring sunshine and lighter nights.

Residents are being given a timely reminder to ensure their homes are secure as there is often a rise in opportunist crime at this time of year.

Superintendent Mick Paterson, of Northern Area Command, said: “When it’s warm and the nights are lighter it’s tempting to leave windows open or doors ajar and this is understandable. However, it’s vital people take steps to keep their home secure.

“This includes people making sure their homes are secure when they are out – locking doors and shutting windows, even if outside in the garden, in another part of the house, or if only going out for a few minutes.

“Valuables, including car keys, shouldn’t be left in easy reach of doors and windows and people should also take time to make sure that their sheds and garages are properly secured.

“Items such as tools, bikes and gardening equipment should be stored out of sight.

“We’ve had a few recent incidents whereby people have simply reached in through an open window to steal items left in plain view.

“We would ask people to be aware of this and keep their property safe from opportunist thieves.”