Dog bin missing from lamppost

I WAS very interested to read the letter (News Post Leader, July 7) about a lady having to pick up poop scoop bags and I wondered if there was actually a bin for people to put the bags into after they pick up after their dogs.

I have been trying for quite a while to get Northumberland County Council to replace a bin which was removed when the lampposts were renewed at the bottom of Barrington Road in Bedlington Station.

I spoke to the men who empty the bins, I consulted the parish council, I telephoned the county council twice – to no avail, I have seen my local county councillor and now I am writing to the newspaper.

I am not asking for a new bin to be put in place.

I would just like the bin which was taken away to be put back in its former place.

It was located on lamppost R88, beside the railway crossing opposite the Bedlington North signal box, and the bin was removed when the lamppost was renewed.

There are a lot of dog walkers on that stretch of road and I feel it is not fair that dog walkers can get an on-the-spot fine for not cleaning up after their dogs when the council take away one of the bins in which we can put the poop bags.


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