Dog bins need to be emptied

Many parents and the school themselves have written to the council and called the local authority, including myself, to complain about the state of the ‘cut’ accessing the first school in Seaton Delaval which young children use daily.

It is a disgrace. Each morning, lunch time, nursery pick-up and evening pick-up you have to watch where you walk and check yours and your children’s shoes.

Surely in this day and age we shouldn’t have to do this.

I’m sure you are probably thinking there are dog fouling bins provided for owners to use; well see the photograph as some are using these and clearly the council are not emptying them.

When I reported the issue to the council I was called and was informed there was an issue and regular early morning patrol would be done.

To be honest the issue has become worse since I raised it, which is why I have chosen to write to you to bring the issue to light.

Name and address supplied